Dr. Janibul Bashir

Assistant Professor 

National Institute of Technology Srinagar

About Me

I work as Assistant Professor at the Department of Information Technology, National Institute of Technology Srinagar. My research interests include:

Currently I direct the GAASH research group at NIT Srinagar which primary focuses on system and architecture research. Our research group investigates the effect of new architectural features on the performance of the system. We focus on reducing the power consumption without effecting the performance of the system.  Additionally, the group works on enhancing the security of current complex hardware structures. We also work in the field of emerging on-chip technologies such as photonic on-chip networks, and wireless on-chip networks.

The other domains in which our group is working include: application of machine learning techniques in the computer architecture domain (emerging technologies, network-on-chip, thermal management), neuromorphic chips, parallel architectures, and operating systems. 

Selected Works

Events and Accomplishments